Few tips for World of Warships Blitz

wow blitz hints

Here you find some basic tips for World of Warships Blitz. Read it and learn it, it’s worth. Players who don’t know these hints always loose. If u a beginner just read the beginners tutorial here. So let’s go:


You will certainly DIE alone, Destroyers as well as cruisers will melt you out and torp you until you are sunk. You are the difficult hitter for the team, (in great hands) you normally add extra damage-wise than each class besides a carrier. You are also a tank. When a group of cruisers as well as destroyers take a trip together, having a battlewagon present in such a team will certainly enable them to be far more merged, as they are less scared of getting one-shotted by opponent battleships, and much less terrified that they will certainly be the primary target of enemy fire, and therefore they will rally around you and support you. As a battlewagon, you will really often lead the team in these initiatives since as your role as a heavy hitter, a storage tank, and a valuable property and also target.

The lengthy game

When you see an opponent coming up it’s time to combat, yet battle from a distance can be a struggle. Your bullets will certainly go down over time, as well as quick ships could out move your fire. Bear in mind of the rates, as well as aim where their ship will certainly be, instead of where they are. Being at a range yourself needs to hopefully make it simpler to prevent incoming adversary fire.


This is just one of one of the most fundamental methods that you as a battleship player should be utilizing versus opponent ships of almost every kind, but especially adversary battleships. You typically aren’t a god, however you could be a god with angling. Lots of battlewagon players are drawn in by the tankiness as well as healthpool given to battlewagons, and also they believe themselves unyielding, revealing their broadsides without a care on the planet. This is not exactly what you are intended to do, whatever ship you remain in. Of course you can get better armor and weapons for gold. The simplest way is to use World of Warships Blitz which you can find on our website, but remember, use it only once a day!

Duck for cover

Use the setting to your advantage. Islands and also rock formations can give great cover from enemy fire, and also are best used when in a pinch. If you wish to play the lengthy game for as long as possible, saddle up near a rock and emerge and also reverse back near it as necessary to terminate on adversaries and also prevent fire yourself.

wow blitz tips

Think about what artillery shells are, (at the very least at closer ranges). Think of chucking a rock at a wall. If you intend to permeate the wall surface, would certainly it be better to toss the rock at the wall surface straight on, or sideways so it skids off the wall? Will an artillery shell pass through a surface much easier when angled at 90 levels, vertical to the covering, or will it penetrate a surface area much easier when tilted sidewards, something like 30 levels to the covering? Look up infiltration auto mechanics, learn to aim your ship in the direction of or away from the heaviest source of incoming fire, and also their shells, equally as the rock against the wall, will certainly glide off the wall doing minimal damages.


You are not god. If you take the lead when taking a trip with your adversary team, being the very first ship to run into opponent fire, you will be the main target of ALL enemies in variety, and will certainly be ruined by the mixed fire of all these ships. Likewise, if you head out alone against the adversary group, you WILL LOSE. You can be a god, however just with support. Allow cruisers and destroyers take the lead and display for adversary DD’s as well as cruisers, remain within your fight group. If you remain back and fall behind, your team will certainly be a lot less efficient without your visibility as well as firepower, if you get too close you will obtain melted by the adversary ships, remain within your fight team and provide great support and some tanking (unavoidably), as well as you will end up being the god container that you have actually constantly wanted to be.


The typical battleship will certainly have primary turrets with a 30 2nd reload time. This indicates you have an extremely little location of time to give out substantial quantities of damages prior to your guns repeat the exact same 30 2nd cycle. If you are bad at aiming in this video game or do not intend to invest the time to obtain good at intending with battleship rifles, you should be playing another course. You can not squander substantial quantities of important time missing entire barrages.

More tips for Wow Blitz

We’re gonna write new tips soon, so stay tuned and visit our website. If you have any questions just write us!

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